Family Law

Having your relationship breakdown can be painful, particularly if it has come as a surprise to you or you are feeling betrayed or guilty. Seeking Family Law advice can be overwhelming. Don’t add to your worries by struggling through your Family Law case yourself. At Shuttleworth Legal, we know that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Figuring out what to do next can be stressful. The good news is, you don’t have to face your Family Law matters alone. We are here to help you!

Just stop for a moment and imagine what your life will be like when all your Family Law matters have been resolved (and things are perfect for you)? What does that look like? And more importantly, what needs to happen to get you there?

“I want to put things in place!”

Whether you are needing to make Child Custody arrangements, sort out your Property Settlement or apply for a Divorce order, there are many roads that you can take to reach your ‘perfect life’ destination that we asked you to think about just now.

Don’t put things off any longer. Don’t let the emotions of dealing with Family Law matters (yours or theirs) create a toxic environment for you and your loved ones. Start moving towards a better life. Our experienced Family Lawyers will be there with you to provide you with the legal help and guidance that you need to achieve what’s important to you, protecting your future.

Talk with us today about Collaborative Law or Mediation so that we can help you decide which process is suitable for you to resolve your Family Law matter in a respectful way.

“I have been able to reach an agreement with my ex”

Brilliant! You have been able to navigate the winding road and conquer the many obstacles that others face when resolving their Family Law matter. This is a huge credit to you as you have achieved what many families simply cannot.

Now you need to carry that good will into the future to protect the hard work you have done so far and to be able to maintain the working relationship you have with your ex.

Talk with us today about the difference between Parenting Plans and Consent Orders so that we can help you decide which document is suitable for you to reflect your agreement.

“Help! I need to go to Court!”

Don’t panic. If you have tried to sought things out without the help of the Family Court, or your ex has started a Family Court case against you, it doesn’t mean to have to spend lots of money on Family Lawyers to fight for your rights. Because after all, you’re better than that.

You are going to need legal help however from an experienced Family Lawyer who is going help you build a strong foundation for your case (in your Initiating Application or Response document) so that the Family Court can make the Orders that you say are in the best interests of your children or that you consider to be fair and equitable.

Talk with us today about the Family Court process and the best way to present your case to the Family Court Judge.