You have decided to separate. You are uncertain about your future and feeling vulnerable when it comes to your share of the house. You don’t want to end up resenting your ex-partner or losing contact with mutual friends.

You are looking for the most amicable way to separate and move forward, without destroying the relationship you have.

Mediation is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to separate and start over. Participating in a Mediation to resolve your Family Law matter means that you are able to discuss the issues that matter to you and have more say in the outcome.

Federal Circuit Court that adjudicates Family Law is a cold legalistic environment concerned only with solving matters irrespective of each family’s individual differences and concerns. Judge’s decisions are final, whether you think they are right or not. While this may work for some, most find the process frustrating, expensive and time consuming.

Trying to sort out your Family Law matter through Court is more likely to wear you down, rather than empower you to control the outcome.

Mediation with an experienced and neutral third party helps you and your ex-partner talk about what is worrying you and set out what needs to happen for you both to move forward. Whether you decided to separate or you were told that you are separating, having a safe environment to express the things that really matter to you can often be an important part of the healing process.

With good quality legal advice from an experienced Family Lawyer, it is likely that one day of Mediation can finalise your separation. This is an extreme contrast to spending months (and sometimes years) doing battle with your ex-partner in Court.

Mediation is the ideal option for a majority of our clients.

Whether or not Mediation is right for you depends on your unique circumstances.

Now is time to find out for certain and a meeting with us will help you answer this important question. Call our office today so that we can discuss what best suits you.