Separation doesn’t mean surrender

you need to know what to do next.

Your relationship has come to an end.  It might have been without warning. It might have been less of a surprise.  Either way, your life will never be the same and you are left with that feeling of hopelessness.

Your life as you knew it begins to be pulled apart. You begin to realise that your relationship was more complicated than you thought.  Separation is not just someone leaving. There are so many little things to consider – What happens with the cars? What furniture can I take? Who gets to keep the family pet?   Not to mention the big things – Who is going to look after the children? Who will stay in the house? What will a financial settlement look like for me?

That feeling of despair that came from your relationship breakdown is slowly replaced by feelings of frustration and resentment.

Many people find themselves overwhelmed trying to navigate through the separation process.  It is likely that you will also struggle trying to make sense of it all. It is at this point, you need the right legal advice.

Not everything your friends and family tell you will be relevant to you.  

It’s important that you get organised and ensure you get what you are entitled to.

The worst thing for you right now is to end up with false expectations, believing that you are entitled to things that you are not.  This will only lead to a waste of your time, energy and money, when every dollar counts.

The right advice will give you the confidence to face what is coming. 

You need to be focused on finding a reasonable outcome for your particular situation.  One that will enable you to move on.

Start taking steps now so that you can know how to move through the process as quickly as possible.  Contact me, Jessica Shuttleworth, today for a free 15 minute telephone conversation

Learn about how you can make your Separation a respectful experience.