Collaborative Law

I want my separation to be respectful, how do I achieve this?

Are you worried about having to go to Court to finalise your Family Law matter? Good news – you don’t have to!! Just because Mediation isn’t a good option for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Court is your only choice left. Collaborative Law may just be the perfect option for you.

Collaborative Law is perfect for people wanting to avoid the stress and frustration of the battlefield known as the Family Court. If you want a tailor-made process whereby you have a say in what the issues are that will be address, rather than just what the Judge thinks is important, then Collaborative Law is your answer.

Instead of taking a position and then spending significant time and money to justify your stance or to discredit what your ex-partner wants to achieve, Collaborative Law allows all parties involved to work together to openly diagnose, gather information and resolve people’s family law problems so that they can finalise their separation with dignity and respect.

Collaborative Law involves having a series of meetings to discuss concerns and to negotiate and problem solve solutions. Where needed, additional information or evidence can be sourced from other professionals that will help guide you to the best outcome for you and your family.

By choosing a Collaborative approach to your Family Law problem, the options are endless and you can be as creative and as flexible as you like. You are not restrained by the limited arrangements that will be imposed by a Judge.

Don’t let a stranger make the decision as to the fate of your future, or worse, your children’s future! Speak with us about solving your Family Law matter using the Collaborative process today.