Power of Attorney

What is the best way to prepare for loved ones to make decisions on my behalf?

The answer is the same, whether you need someone to make financial decisions on your behalf while you are sipping mojitos on the beach, or wanting to put things in place in case something happens and you can no longer make decisions on your own.

Either way, you are going to need a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney is a document that gives someone that you trust, the ability to make important decisions for you when you can’t.

Picture this, you are half way through your vacation and you receive an email, requiring you to sign some financial documents at home urgently. Bet your feeling anxious and panicked right about now. You spend the next couple of days becoming more and more frustrated whilst trying to make urgent arrangements from afar. I can think of a thousand other ways you could be spending your well-deserved break right about now. Bet you can to.

Instead of leaving your finances vulnerable or risk feeling nervous about what might happen while you are away, sort things out before you go.

What if something unexpected happens to you and you lose the ability to make serious and urgent decisions regarding your health. Things would be stressful enough for your loved ones as it is, not to mention how distressed they would feel trying to figure out what to do on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is like an insurance policy for ensuring that the right people are in charge of making important decisions regarding your health. It provides certainty and guidance to your loved ones when tragedy strikes.

Don’t put things off any longer. Contact us to discuss putting your affairs in order and getting a Power of Attorney done today.