Police Charges

What is the best way for me to deal with my Police Charges?

You’ve been charged by the Police for breaking the law. Whether you are innocence or you made a mistake, right now it doesn’t really matter. You have to answer to the charge, failing to do so only complicates things further for you.

Just because you have been charged, does not mean that you are guilty. Our justice system allows to you to explain the circumstances as to why you did what you did. The process also lets you put forward an excuse as to why you should not be held accountable for what happened.

Here at Shuttleworth Legal, we represent people just like you. People who find themselves in hot water because of something hey have done or simply because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Having us represent you will mitigate the impact of such a charge on your life and your future. We work diligently to understand the circumstances and to provide you with a better outcome than you would on your own.

Do not let one mistake impact significantly on your life. A criminal conviction can have serious consequences on your future employment, travel opportunities, your relationships with other people and your ability to work with children (ie getting or keeping a blue card). Making a mistake when dealing with your police charges can have a compounding effect on your life.

We pride ourselves on being able to explain this daunting process in a way that leads to better outcomes and so that you will be confident in what is going to happen next.

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