Consent Orders

How do I make sure my parenting agreement does what I need it to?

Having a well-prepared Parenting Plan or binding Consent Order is a bit like getting an insurance policy for your car. You don’t purchase the insurance thinking that you will have an accident, but if you do, you have something that will protect you and guide you through what needs to happen.

The benefit to you and your family of having your agreement set out clearly in a Parenting Plan or Consent Order is so that there is clarity and certainty as to what the care arrangements for your children will look like.  This means you can move forward with your life, and not have to worry about constantly re negotiating with your ex-partner.

There are many benefits of having any agreement that you and your ex-partner have reached made into a binding document. Which one is best (Consent Orders Verses Parenting Plan) is going to depend on your individual circumstance and what you want to achieve.

You are going to need guidance from an experienced Family Lawyer to make sure that your Parenting Plan or Consent Order actually operates in the way you want it to.  Not only that, it needs to have the necessary safeguards in place to address things that you haven’t thought about (because they haven’t become an issue… yet) for if concerns pop up in the future.

At Shuttleworth Legal, we have seen it all.  We can discuss with you any of the pitfalls that are not visible to you.  We can guide you on how to properly structure your agreement so that it provides the framework for your children’s future parenting arrangements and works for you and your family.