Child Custody

What is the best way to shield my children from my separation?

Not all relationships are until death do us part and if your relationship breaks down, it is an emotional time for everyone involved. The important thing now is to make sure your children are not damaged by what is happening between their parents. The best way you can do this is by firstly making Child Custody arrangements as quickly as possible and secondly making sure everyone is clear on what those Child Custody arrangements are.

What are the Child Custody arrangements that are in your children’s best interests? This is a very good question. Each family is unique. This means that the Child Custody arrangements for a separated family must be custom designed to fit with the wants and needs of that family. What the Brown family does or what the Family Court did for the Smith family does not mean that this is what will be suitable for your children.

You are going to need an experienced Family Lawyer to help you create Child Custody arrangements that are right for your children (and that everyone can live with!). At Shuttleworth Legal we pride ourselves on viewing each and every Child Custody matter as individually as the children they provide for. We offer support and guidance for parents regarding what time children should spend with each of their parents and what can be done to limit the impact that your separation will have on the lives of your children. We provide practical advice and take a holistic approach to your Child Custody arrangements giving you the necessary tools in your tool kit to co-parent your children with your ex-partner. It is important with Child Custody matters that you keep your sight on the future as your responsibilities as a parent don’t just stop when your children turn 18. Think of the graduations, the 21st parties, the weddings and the other significant events that your children will want BOTH of their parents to attend and treat each other in a respectful way.

Don’t wait until conflict arises to sought out your Child Custody arrangements. Talk with us today about the Child Custody process and the relevant considerations to protect your child’s future.