Are you thinking about getting Divorced or separated?

At some point soon you will feel helpless, frustrated and lost trying to deal with your ex-partner. Separating evokes a range of difficult and unpleasant feelings. It’s difficult to work past your emotions to make the important decisions for the future.

Now is the right time to seek out the legal advice you will need to protect your interests and your family’s future. Trying to resolve this on your own or without proper advice results in mistakes being made, time wasted and you adsorbing unnecessary costs.

Family Law is a complicated, yet important process that requires the understanding of someone who navigates these issues every day. Your emotions, your ex-partner’s behaviour and the complexities of the law put up barriers that often prevent a quick or balanced resolution.

Are you ready to move forward with your life?

Are you seeking the best possible outcome for your unique situation?

Do you want to maintain an amicable relationship?

Jess Shuttleworth has the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you by;

  • listening to you and identify your priorities
  • providing you with the best possible advice for your circumstances

Jess advocates for Family Law outcomes that protect your future. Where possible Jess will recommend that you avoid going to the Federal Circuit Court.

After 6 years, we advise that Shuttleworth Legal is now closed.

Our Principal lawyer, Jessica Shuttleworth has taken up an opportunity to join the family law team at wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers.

We would lIke to thank all our previous clients, staff, friends and family for all your support over the past few years.

Her passion is making separation as respectful and as painless as possible.

Are you uncertain about what comes next? Let’s begin with a conversation that will give you a better insight into what to do next.

Separation is a difficult time for all involved. Understanding your legal rights can be confusing.

We help people just like you who want their questions answered. Who want their situation resolved as quickly, cheaply and with as little stress as possible.

Let’s talk and see if our approach is right for you and your circumstances.